No Fibula, No Problem, No Restrictions

As of yesterday Nicholas is free. He danced and jumped today to celebrate. The reason he did not dance and jump yesterday was that I did not remind him that he was officially free. I thought of it many times yesterday but didn’t tell him. I was scared.

I am sure there is no reason to be. Everything looked great post surgery. Nick has not had pain. It really was a super easy recovery. Shockingly easy in fact. Nick’s last eight plate insertion caused inflammation and a lot of pain but this one has been fine (which is how eight plate surgeries usually are).

So he had the big seven screw plate taken out, little eight plate put in, adhesions taken care of and was on pain meds for only a few days. He’s been antsy to be active for weeks now. I told him I’d race him when he was restriction free but thankfully it’s a little icy outside so I am off the hook. At least for a while.

Now my only complaint is that the boy is having trouble falling asleep. Mostly I think because he does not want to go to sleep. Here’s a pic of him around 11pm a few nights ago. That’s late for him and you can see it in his eyes. Image

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