Back on his feet in no time (literally)!

Heard back from the RIAO 2x today. Apparently there are several things that can cause foot pain in “normal” feet in children and most are benign. Great news!

But today the foot pain was 100% gone. Nick walked around all day and then did his hour of swimming. He goes back to the Dr. Standard next month and since the pain is gone I see no reason to go see him sooner. At the next appointment I do plan on asking what are some of the benign things that can cause pain so I panic a little less next time.

I suppose I am lucky my kids have not had a lot of normal kid pains. Nick had the normal kid arm breaking last summer but all other pains have been related to fibular hemimelia I think. And aside from surgery induced pain my boy has rarely been in pain. (PLEASE LET THIS POST NOT SERVE AS A JINX OF SOME KIND).

Dancing on screen at the Delaware Children's Museum
Dancing on screen at the Delaware Children’s Museum

Since Nicholas was feeling better we made up for being in a lot yesterday by being out a lot today! The Delaware Children’s Museum is an activity filled place and my kids tried everything!

photoEven though Nick was a little big for those carts he did great! After the museum we went to a Greek Festival and had dinner and then there was swimming. Not the kid of day a kid in pain would enjoy. Thankfully ‘kid in pain’ is so not my kid! I feel awful for anyone who has to suffer and I feel for parents whose children have pain that cant easily be eliminated.

Pain and fh will be explored in my next post which I have been considering writing for a while now. For now I am happy to have a house full of tired and/or sleeping children! Nothing like a day out on their feet to wear them out!