Miracle Work

Back at Hanger. I am in the lobby and Nick is in the gym. I don’t want to follow him around all day and I want to get some work done. He’s in the thick of his Miracle Work.

You might wonder what I mean by miracle work. Well for one I think the miracle is that there is something that will work. That someone (Ryan) created it. The miracle is being here having access to this device. Limb salvage isn’t new, though it is becoming more common. What happens after the salvage is less studied and deserves much more research.

Most of what I will share  I learned form Ryan and Jared yesterday. When I described the ExoSym as like Nick getting a prosthetic without having to lose his leg, I really had no idea how right I was. The ExoSym will bypass the part of Nicks leg that does not work. While this is a bypass, it is not a shortcut. This means the rest of Nick’s body will have to work harder to accommodate it. The brace itself will help some without putting in the work but it wont be a Miracle, and it would cause Nick to suffer in the long term if he tried to let the brace do the job alone. The Miracle Work must be done in order to avoid this and get the best result. It is already helping but the full effect will take about six months of work.

Nick started yesterday with some exercises that showed him how to engage the muscles he will need to work to have his miracle. Here is a video:

This work and the information shared reminded of Reenee letting Nick know that he is the master of his universe. He is the one who will make this miracle work. He’s not opposed to, nor deterred by the work one bit. Me, I am exhausted watching him but so proud. So exceptionally proud and so grateful to be here getting him what he needs.


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  1. Santa will be so grateful for the work he can do! 🙂 This is so exciting. Have you seen that vid of the gym in TX that helps vets rehab… it’s the same kind of work… and incredible! Go Nick. Good letting go and letting be, mama. Proud of all the Curleys! Love you all!

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  2. Love this post! Miracle Work, indeed!
    Nick, you’re all in!
    -What do they do with that tire?
    -Gosh, that sled looks like you can add additional weight!
    -What is the phrase printed in orange on that long mat? 🏋


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