9 Seconds

This morning at Hanger Nick and I were feeling pretty cheerful. He was still sore from the previous days miracle work but he was ready for more and he was excited to receive the knee portion of his ExoSym.

By the end of the morning he did this:

And I think it speaks for itself. It wasn’t easy. He’s feeling sore but he’s aware of the difference between soreness and pain. He’s found the sweet spot as he calls for using the ExoSym effectively when stepping.

I really want to thank every person at Hanger for making this possible. I love that Nick gets to work out in a gym with others with the device. I am in awe of everyone there and in awe of the brace itself. It is, in the words of Beth, exosymply amazing!!


4 thoughts on “9 Seconds”

  1. Thank you so very much for sharing Nick’s working on the miracle!
    Gods blessings to all who helped to make this happen.
    And to you – a mom that never gave up either


  2. There are no words….lots and lots of happy tears and tissues…but no words. Go Nick…..I am, as always, so amazed and proud of you.


  3. Nick,
    Wow, you seemed pretty confident dropping your arms while you were running. Just watching you work out makes me feel sleepy. I’ll check back later.


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