a beginning or start.
“at the commencement of training”
synonyms: beginning, start, opening, outset, onset, launch, initiation, inception, origin;

“the commencement of the festivities”

Yesterday was an end and a beginning and I suppose all are both in some sense. Nick graduated out of formal PT. He’ll be working out at the Y. He knows what he needs to do. He understands why he needs to do it.

I do think he was a bit sad to be finished. Sad not to see his therapist every week anymore. She really is a remarkable person and such a wonderful support for Nick to have Pre and Post ExoSym. He only started seeing her in September or so but I think she has had a remarkable impact on him and me. I think I have a better understanding of Nick’s leg and body than I have ever had. She also listened to all my Christopher talk and questions when I think many people would have shut me down. She Reeneeified Nick’s last brace to make him more comfortable. She massaged his scars. She made great use of her time with him even when there wasn’t much he could do. Maybe most touching for me is the joy I saw in her eyes when he came back with his ExoSym and got stronger and stronger each week.


Reenee and Dr. Nichols are a formidable team. Two kind and brilliant kick ass women, experts at what they do, thinking outside the box and doing whatever it takes for the kids they see. Whether whatever it takes is rubbing scar tissue or filling out papers and BELIEVING or talking down a scared and stressed mom. That last bit is vital IMO.

Nick saw Dr. Nichols last Friday and he has NO SURGERY ON THE HORIZON. I thought he’d need plates out but he does not. She prescribed being a kid. Not surgery kid. Not FH kid. Just a kid.

So it’s a commencement. A new beginning. No, it’s not surgery never again, but it’s possible (and I am trying so hard not to believe in jinxing right now) that surgery in childhood is over for Nick. He’s graduated from the school of FH. 15 amazing surgeries and so much hard work with Dr. Standard and his team in Baltimore. The most amazing brace thanks to Ryan and his team at Hanger, and so much love and support from so many.

Nick and I may start sharing in a new format in the new year but I will update here and let you know where on the web to find us. He has some ideas and I am happy to let him take the lead. He’s a natural leader. He’s so many things that I have probably not even ever written here. I love him so much and I am so proud and so grateful that he can move through life without pain. It’s what I wanted most for him 13 years ago and I am so glad that is where he is beginning today.

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