Even kick ass moms struggle. Seriously. I worried my last post might have made folks think that I am not loosing my mind some of the time.

Nick said he had foot pain the other day and my heart sank. I mean it was a moment of despair until he added that is was his left foot! His left foot!!! HA! That food practically means nothing to me. ; ) Still for a moment I freaked.

Chris has been having some emotional ups and downs and every time I think I have a handle on it he proves me wrong. That boy keeps me on my toes. I am still not doing all the therapy things with him that I am supposed to be. Still I am trying.

Charlotte is doing so well in middle school and involved in so many things. I am really conscious of needing to connect with her as the teens approach. Still she needs time to process whats happening in her world and sometimes I don’t recognize that. She’s not the squeaky wheel but she shouldn’t have to be.

Bess, ah Bess. Poor thing just wants me to lay in her bed till she falls asleep. Somedays I can’t believe we are still doing this. I have so much to do at night. I am trying to compromise with her but she’s really very strong willed. I know it’s a wonderful thing but I still can’t help but want my nights back.

And I am still writing, even though there is not much to say about fibular hemimelia. I am STILL grateful for that and for the record I do actually care about Nick’s left foot.


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