“Mom I planned to do active things today.”

“Mom I planned to do active things today.” This is what Nick said to me when I suggested he try improv at our local summer program. He has been loving the outdoor games that he avoided for YEARS. He’s doing whatever he wants now. I still hope he tried improve but damn I am pleased that he gets to CHOOSE!!!!!

I got to see him running yesterday on the 4th of July as our community prepared for our annual Games on the Green. At the start of the games a torch is lit and carried around the village green. Nick ran with the crew and really made my heart so happy and many others as well.

So that’s the Nick update. The ExoSym is still simply amazing.

Nick is doing an awesome job living his life and being Nick.

And I remain beyond grateful.

Check out Beth’s Blog for more info on the ExoSym and the experience! 

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  1. Excellent
    I was in a club foot FB group where the admin stated no kids used an ExoSym. I said I knew that wasn’t true. I left that group.
    I’m glad Nick is doing so well with the ExoSym.

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