The Save-A-Limb Ride is tomorrow!

We have met our fundraising goal of $1,000 and may even have more money coming in. I am so proud that Nicholas has inspired so many people to give to this amazing cause and so thankful to everyone who donated! I asked Nicholas what he wanted to say to everyone who donated and here it is:

“Thank you for helping us and thanks for helping save-a-limb it’s a wonderful thing to help kids get fixators. You gave me the inspiration to help more people. Thanks for helping our fixator fundraising stuff for kids who need fixators” Love Nicholas

Walking is not so important right now after all…

Apparently it is perfectly normal for Nicholas to not start walking for 3-4 weeks after getting part of his fixator removed. I have been stressing the walking for nothing! He has at least been putting his foot down a bit more and he said it does not hurt at all. I am still going to encourage him but I wont stress it. I am taking him to physical therapy tomorrow and I am not sure what Ms. Kathy will have him do since he is not walking but he loves going so it should be good no matter what.

One of those days

Today was one of those days.  We all have them, you know when it is raining and you stay in all day and everyone gets on each others nerves.  The kids were just generally irritated with each other, which made me irritated with them and it just went on all day. Charlotte flipped out because she could not go to physical therapy with Nicholas. Nicholas flipped out because I would not let him go to and Christopher flipped out because we would not let him take a bath with his shoes on.

By evening Nicholas was really sulky.  Sighing and whining but not saying much of anything.  When it was time for leg wash I asked him to tell me what was wrong and he said that he didn’t need to tell me because he could take care of it tomorrow by himself.  My boy can be dramatic.

Finally after much cajoling he told me that he was upset because no one wanted to do his wiggly sticky dance with him. I thought he was upset about something regarding his leg.  He is still on antibiotics for the infection and sometimes when he is in moods like this it is a sign that something is up. Maybe the antibiotics were not working and we would need to switch. Maybe the wires in his foot were moving around again.  All these thoughts were running through my mind. But he was seriously upset not to have a dance partner.

The wiggly sticky dance is a dance that Nicholas created when he was two or three years old.  It involves dancing in a wiggly way and sticking your hands on the floor like your stuck. At least that’s how it started out. Now there is a bit more to it.

As Nicholas explained this problem of all problems my grumpy day went down the drain with the pound of antibacterial soap we used to clean his leg.  What was wrong with me?  What was I doing when he asked me to dance that was more important? Why didn’t I just dance with my boy?  Here he is, with a  fixator on, and he still wants to dance.  How could I not have obliged him.  Had I accepted the invitation it could have turned one of those days, into something so much better, something wiggly, sticky and sweet!