School News

We have decided not to send Nicholas back to school till the distraction aka lengthening phase of this surgery is done. He’s about 1/2 way there! It’s just too complicated and he just does not feel ready. He is having random spasms. He’s not comfortable sitting for long periods. He is making some great progress with his knee bending and we need to keep working on that. He’s lengthening 4x per day which would be hard to work into the school day. That’s about it. I think it’s reason enough.

The Fibular Hemimelia and Limb Lengthening Awareness Group members helped me think this through. One mom pointed out that it still the same process even though it is not an external fixator. It really is a big deal to grow 2 inches in six weeks. I also feel like he really needs to have a say in this. Pushing him at this point would not benefit him enough for me to feel it would be worth it.

So that’s that. I will be working on getting Nick out more. He is doing much better with stairs on his crutches thanks to some weekend practice. He’s still feeling really happy about his middle school acceptance. I just want to makes sure he’s doing what he needs to, to feel ready come August! At home instruction should be calling me today.

Back to School?

Yesterday I asked Nicholas if he felt ready to go back to school. His response didn’t surprise me much “Yeah Mom I’ve only been waiting for you to ask me”. I’ve made an appointment for him to get fitted for his shoe insert on Thursday and I think Friday he’ll go back.

Nick is ready. I am not. I am so happy having him at home. Aside from it being hard to get out and about. I suppose I will be able to get more done during the day. Still I will worry! To be honest Nicks at home instruction experience has been one of the reasons I have decided to homeschool, or at least to try it for a year. It sounded a little crazy to me at first. Even felt crazy to be considering it but the more I research the more I want to do it. I don’t think public school is evil or anything. I do think it’s an awfully long day considering Nick could learn everything he needed in an hour or less. It’s just not the only way to learn. Once you start thinking outside the box it’s hard to get back in!

I would also love for my kids to have some choice in what they learn. I would love to have more time with them. Being gone seven hours a day five days a week changes things. I am often sad that Charlotte is in school while the rest of us are at home together. I know it suits many people just fine but it’s never sat well with me. I never look forward to the end of summer. I don’t think it’s as easy as people say it is to have your kids in school. I know I have taught them many things, I fell confident we can learn together. I know I will have to work hard and be disciplined. I believe it’s worth it.

This is not to say that I don’t love and respect teachers. I know what they do is takes it’s own skill and education. It’s just not the only way to learn. I don’t compare myself to teachers at all. My kids have had amazing teachers. Really! I have loved them. Nicholas’s current teacher has literally been perfect. She was the turning point when Nick came home from surgery and wasn’t himself. She makes schoolwork fun. She is a beautiful, smart and kind person. All you could ever ask for.

Sadly she and many other teachers in our district are either loosing their jobs or being shifted around. Like many areas, central PA schools are suffering financially. My children have a wonderful school. I respect the principal and pretty much all the staff I have encountered. They have all been kind and helpful in handling Nicholas’s surgeries and anything that has come up. But with these cuts I know the school will suffer. They will be loosing some amazing educators. How could the school not suffer?

Many experts say our education system is broken. I’m not going to worry about quoting anyone here. You can google yourself. When my husband and I tell people we’ll be homeschooling the only real argument against it we get is “what about socialization?”. If socialization is the best thing a kid can get from public school there’s more wrong than I thought.

All I know is it feels right to us. We’re moving to an area of Delaware with so many amazing homeschooler activities and groups. There’s a coop, there are weekly playground dates, monthly roller skating, and many other group classes and activities. We’ve received invites to a beach day, canoeing classes, a family farm day and more. We won’t be sitting at home reading textbooks. We’ll be living and learning together and in community with others. There’s even a yoga and meditation class this month for 6-9 year olds! In addition to a class at the Apple store on Garage Band. I wish we were there already to take these! Really there are so many different things. I am sure we won’t be able to do everything because of time and/or money but there are options.

So hopefully Friday Nick will go back to school. At least for a few weeks. School here ends in the beginning of June. He’ll likely have his fixator till after the end of school which could work out since removal would have been more missed school!

I am so nervous but if he feels ready I have to be ready to. When we told Charlotte she hugged him so hard she could have knocked him over! Still as happy as she is going to be is comparable to how sad Christopher will be when his big bro is gone all day. He and I can comfort each other!