The Finish Line

Today Nicholas did a six mile ride and loved it! His partner was his Aunt Tara. Tara has supported Nick always and had participated before. Seeing just the two of them doing it this year was so special!

Nicholas raised over $1,000 with a lot of help from friends, family, and someone anonymous. Team No Fibula No Problem raised over 1,500, not just because of Nicholas. It was also thanks to an amazing boy known as Bubba! He has fibular hemimelia too and is a patient of Dr.Standard.

Bubba is very active. His mom posted a video which included a photo of him playing football. After seeing that Nick felt sure he could play too! I love the power these kids have to inspire each other! Save-A-Limb does that on a grand scale.

It was so exciting to see Nicholas finish the ride. The last bit is a hill, which wasn’t easy. Many riders walked their bikes up. Nicholas made it with help from Aunt Tara, Dr.Herzenberg and Dr.Standard who had his new baby Michelle in the front pack too.

If it sounds like I am laughing in the video, I am not. I was trying not to cry. Pointless really. I cried again as I just watched it.