No Fibula, No Problem has been selected as a finalist for “Favorite Special-Needs Parenting Blog” in the Readers’ Choice Awards 2012 Readers' Choice Awards

This is a fun post to write. As the title states NFNP is a finalist! I am so excited. By virtue of being a finalist many folks who have never heard of fibular hemimeila will now know it exists. Maybe folks who need resources will find them. Maybe some parent with a child with a limb difference that’s not necessarily fh will find this blog and know they are not alone.

When I began I wanted parents to be able to find information on FH and the limb lengthening reconstruction option. The web has come a long way and there are now many blogs by families with children with FH and even blogs by young adults with FH. I am in good company!

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Thanks to everyone who nominated us and thank you in advance for voting!