Still Fearing the Jinx

Yep, thats me, still fearing the jinx. Things are so uneventful leg lengthening wise, except that the leg is lengthening, which is awesome of course. I will take Nicholas to Baltimore on Monday for his check up. He’s lengthening 4x per day and spasm free for now. At home instruction is happening. Steven was away this week but I didn’t feel trapped. We were in and out and about.

Nick did have a fever on and off this week but a virus has been going around in our house so I am assuming that’s the explanation. Luckily he did not get the gastrointestinal symptoms his brother had! He may really have the stomach of steel he purports to have.

As for me it’s really just been a hard couple months and Monday night I felt myself coming out of it more and more. Ironically it is because I realized that it’s not going to get better. Having stuff to deal with never ends. There will always be something. If I can’t feel ok in the midst of it, than I will be sad and stressed¬†forever.

Part of this little repeat epiphany (because really, I have had this thought before) was a conversation with a friend and the arrival of a journal I ordered from England.¬†It’s amazing. Just the thing I needed to inspire reflection, peace, gratitude and more. If you journal or even if you never have before it’s worth checking out. S. C. Lourie is the artist, poet, author and creator of Butterflies and Pebbles. Her messages just speak to me. Check it out. Maybe they will speak to you too.

Ah well… even writing that I am feeling better feels like a potential jinx but I don’t care. Gotta be real. It’s almost mothers day. Sadly this year we will not be heading to Hackerman Patz House like the previous two years. I guess I just feel like I want to make this mothers day about me and my kids. Loving them is the truest, most real thing in my heart and I want to honor that. No jinx worries there.