Two views of a year in review…

Now that Nick is without restrictions it reminds me of how far he has come to get here. I decided to make a collage and when I was done I decided to make another. The problem with the first is that I felt like it was over fixator focused. Well not just fixator but surgery. There were so many moments in between.

Still even those surgery moments had a lot of joy. Dr. Standard did an amazing job with Nick’s leg. When the bone collapsed he saved the length. When we needed him he was always there. I didn’t take more than the one picture of him with Nick. Strange but I guess we were always preoccupied when he was around.

Nicholas and I had to work hard sometimes to make the most of it (one of our motto’s), but we so did. We laughed 1,000,000 times more than cried. He was up and moving more than not. He was in good spirits more than down. Even when we had to say “this sucks” we laughed about that.2012-13 collage

Fibular Hemimelia (and other dramas of course) defined the last year for me. They took over. No denying it. But fibular hemimelia has never defined my boy. As you can see above and below it’s what you make of it. A fixator can be an air guitar, a hospital can be a haven, siblings can be saviors, bubbles can be a beard, a knee can be a monkey, a son can be a star and no fibula can be no problem.

2012-13 Nicholas